Unity of Chautauqua

We are a presence of progressive Christianity at Chautauqua Institution and the surrounding community, promoting spiritual growth through Unity’s guiding principles. 

Our newest series via Zoom! 

Embracing Conflict, Creating Peace

Beginning Sunday October 4th, 2020 at 9:30 am and continuing every FIRST Sunday of each month via a Zoom link sent to your email.

You will also have an opportunity to join a discussion group on our Sunday topic the following Wednesday evening from 6:30-8:00pm via Zoom.

Sign up for our mailing list to join! Video recordings from current and previous Sunday celebrations are available on our Youtube channel and Facebook page.

In this series we will explore…

  • Inner resources we are here to express
  • How to dismantle those things that look and feel against us
  • The energy of conflict
  • The nature of wholeness
  • Working with judgment and criticism
  • The power of the heart
  • Reconciliation practices

Our series is based on the book:
The I of the Storm: Embracing Conflict, Creating Peace by Rev. Gary Simmons PhD

About the Book: We will learn to go beyond merely managing the conflict in our lives to actually embracing the conflict, allowing it to teach us what we otherwise might not learn. This process leads to peacemaking … whether it be within ourselves, in our relationships, or as a result of outside circumstances. Simmons integrates spiritual principles, biblical quotes, and martial arts philosophy (he is a fourth-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do) as well as concepts from modern science—especially quantum theory. In this way he points us to the “I” of the storm of conflict, to our spiritual Self, as the means of realizing peace in our lives.

Note: The Sunday service will be recorded, however because there is an opportunity to share on Wednesday evenings, there will be no recording and all sharing will be honored as confidential.

Also if you missed it… 

Trusting the Process of Change Summer Program
10 weeks still available on our YouTube channel

Using Life’s Changes for Spiritual Awakening

  • Understand the nature of change and the dynamics of the transition process.
  • Discover deeper meaning in the disturbing and unsettling events in our individual lives and in the world.
  • Navigate life’s changes and challenges using the Biblical Exodus story.
  • Bring forth our “best” selves as we allow a greater Reality to direct our lives.


Rev. Barbara Williams

Rev. Barbara Williams coordinates Unity’s summer program at Chautauqua Institution since 2018. She retired as the senior minister of Unity of Port Richey, Florida in 2016.  She also served as Director of Adult Education and Director of Youth and Family Ministry for First Unity Church in St. Petersburg, Florida. Prior to her ministry career, Barbara spent twenty-one years in the corporate world where she held positions of leadership in the Information Technology department of Duke Power.  Barbara has presented classes and workshops on Bible history and interpretation, compassionate communication and conflict resolution skills, self-discovery, world religions and parenting skills. Her passion is to support and empower others as they  uncover their divine essence.  She lives in Clearwater with her husband Dusty and their rescue puppy Sandra Dee. 

Janine Chimera

Janine is our Unity of CHQ music director. She is a singer-song writer who was born and raised in Jamestown, but lived in Florida for 31 years. She has two married sons. With a master’s degree in Speech/Language Pathology, Janine worked in Florida school systems specializing in communication for non-verbal students. She provided music for Unity of Melbourne for 15 years, grateful for this community who grew her as a musician. Janine’s passion is for music and matters of spirit and of the heart. Combining these led her to dive into the worlds of therapeutic music, sound vibrational therapy, and group drumming. She also gives music lessons, and has used music to work with students with special needs. Janine plays guitar, piano, hand drums, and Native American flute. She recorded and published 2 CDs. Her greatest desire is for her music to be an instrument for peace and healing.

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