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Sunday Service 9:30 – 10:30 a.m. Hall of Missions
Daily Word Meditation 8:00 – 8:30 a.m. Monday – Friday Hall of Missions
A Positive Path to Spiritual Living free Lecture Series 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Turner Community Center. Parking is free. Chautauqua residents bring gate pass.

Zoom: Meeting ID : 7709803800  Password: unity or  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/7709803800  and later view the recordings on our YouTube channel or Facebook.

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WEEK ONE—June 25–July 2

SUNDAY SERVICE June 26th: Having Eyes to See
Join Rev. Therese Lee as we make friends with challenges and conflict by changing how we see a situation and what we make it mean.

WEDNESDAY POSITIVE PATH LECTURE June 29th: Accepting, Acknowledging, Allowing
2022 continues to produce change — often unwanted, sometimes mandatory, definitely unfamiliar. Rev. Therese will unpack ways of identifying our “normal and natural” reactions to change or loss of any kind, as well as embracing conflicting feelings caused by the end of or change in a familiar pattern of behavior.

REV. THERESE LEE, Hilton Head, SC.
Therese Lee is a dynamic leader and consultant in the Unity movement with a passion and commitment to awaken and inspire individuals to embrace their own divinity. She is dedicated to raising consciousness by living an engaged spiritual life through a consciousness of wisdom and compassion. As an Ordained Unity minister for nearly 15 years, she is a master in creating transformational retreats, rituals, ceremonies and workshops, using storytelling, laughter, tears and meditation as catalysts for spiritual transformation. Therese serves as the senior Minister at Unity Spiritual Center Hilton Head, South Carolina. Her personal mission is to Love Out Loud.

WEEK TWO—July 2–9

SUNDAY SERVICE July 3rd: The Spiritual Wisdom of Trees: Making Friends, Learning to Listen
Rev. Mary Masters will explore the spiritual qualities we find in nature and especially, our connection with trees. As Carl Sagan once said, “Deep down, we and trees are almost identical.” We will learn how to draw closer to God in nature, how to approach a tree, and how to keep those places that feed our soul, close by in our hearts and minds as we go through our days. May the forest be with you!
Psalm 1:3 “Happy are those… who are like trees planted by the streams of water”

Mindful connection with the outdoors is crucial for cultivating a balanced, inspired, and fulfilled life. For your body: Release stress, breathe fresh air, and get moving. For your mind: Settle your awareness on nature’s soothing atmosphere. For your spirit: Venture out to gain inspiration from the living earth. Rev. Mary will share nature connection practices that can be utilized whether on a walk through a city park, a long hike in the woods, or even from inside looking out the window. Bringing together the principles of mindful meditation with time in nature is the perfect antidote to the nature deficit disorder that is so common today. We will learn how to take full advantage of the banquet for our senses that we find in nature and create our own moments of nature intimacy (in-to-me see).
“I only went out for a walk, and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found I was going in.” – John Muir

Rev. Mary Masters is the senior minister at Unity of Buffalo, New York a position she has held since being ordained in 2002. Particularly relevant to our Chautauqua theme this week, Mary is certified through the Kripalu School of Mindful Outdoor Leadership as a Mindful Outdoor Guide, one of the ways she loves to spend time in nature.

WEEK THREE—July 9–16

SUNDAY SERVICE July 10th: Cultivating Peace Through Music
Now more than ever we are being called as individuals and as a collective to bring peace into a world of chaos and uncertainty. Music is a universal language. It can serve as a powerful way to cultivate inner peace and to bring people together.

Join us for an introduction to sound vibration as it relates to our well-being. We will explore various sound instruments and tools, discovering how they affect us. Experience the peacefulness of a sound bath meditation.

Janine Chimera is a musician whose greatest desire is to bring peace, healing, and upliftment to others through music and the power of sound. As singer and song-writer, Janine plays guitar, piano, Native American flute, hand drums, and a variety of other sound tools. She has a passion for music and she composes and performs music of the Heart. She is the Music Director of Unity of Chautauqua. With a master’s degree in Speech/Language Pathology, Janine worked in Florida school systems specializing in communication for non-verbal students. She provided music for Unity of Melbourne for 15 years, grateful for this community who grew her as a musician.

WEEK FOUR—July 16 to July 23

SUNDAY SERVICE July 17th: Nurturing the World
Do you ever feel so worked up you just want to give the world “a piece of your mind?” When that happens, you have actually already given the world the “peace of your mind.” Maybe there is something better you can give. Rev. Russell Heiland will explore the options in this Sunday’s Unity message.

Everyone dreams, but not everyone is cognizant of the spiritual implications of their dreams. In this presentation, Rev. Russell Heiland highlights his original research into the role of dream work in the Unity movement and provides tools workshop participants can use to utilize Unity’s history with dream work in service to creating a fulfilling life. This is one time when you will definitely want the minister to put you to sleep!

Rev. Russell Heiland is Senior Minister at Unity of Fairfax in Oakton, VA, a suburb of Washington, D.C. Rev. Heiland received his Unity Ordination and Master of Arts degree from the University of North Carolina, Wilmington in a joint ceremony in May 2007. His Master’s thesis entitled “Inner Vision and Synchronicity: Dream Work as Taught by Charles Fillmore and Carl Jung” represents original scholarly research of dream work in the Unity movement and is available for reading at TruthUnity.net. Prior to joining Unity of Fairfax, he served at First Unity of St. Petersburg, FL and Unity of Wilmington, NC. His career before ministry was in international container shipping.

WEEK FIVE—July 23–30

SUNDAY SERVICE July 24th: Let Your Yes be Yes and Your No be No
Jesus spoke of our power to move mountains if we had faith enough. In these times of uncertainty what will I stand on?

WEDNESDAY POSITIVE PATH LECTURE July 27th: One Presence, One Power
We experience life from the point of what we are focusing on. If God is everywhere present how can I be separate? What directs my attention?

Rev. Coach Carla has helped hundreds of people over the last 20 years. An ordained Unity minister, certified Life/Enneagram Coach, and compelling speaker, Carla’s teachings center on spiritual principles and awaken people to knowing themselves and tapping into their deepest potential. She believes there is a set of guidelines and practices and principles that unlock the happiness and success each person desires. Carla uses coaching and teaching models that center on helping clients realize their own answers.

Carla loves supporting churches and ministers moving forward through the uncertainty of the material world. She is a Coach/Consultant and Transitional Specialist with Unity World-Wide Ministries.

WEEK SIX—July 30—August 6

SUNDAY SERVICE July 31st: Night and Day, You Are the One
In Unity we affirm the activity of Spirit and the Christ within as guiding our thinking, feeling, and willing. Yet how do we affirm this holy activity within our “down times” of sleep? Is God active in healing us during our periods of rest? We are very busy in our affirmative prayers, our releasing and forgiving, and our inspired actions; but is there very necessary spiritual activity going on in our sleep?

WEDNESDAY POSITIVE PATH LECTURE August 3rd: Day and Night Experience
Myrtle Fillmore, the Mother of Unity, wrote about the rhythm between day and night consciousness. As individuals we are active in the day and rest in the night. For Myrtle, daytime activity and nighttime rest was a metaphor for the rhythm between individual activity and the restoration that comes from turning to the Silence for renewal. We will consider the “holiness of sleep” in which spiritual powers empower us for the new day. Participants will experience several meditative verses for insight into these potent night experiences “as fertile soul time, for renewed hope and trust.

REV. JAMES STACEY, Bloomington, MN
The Reverend James Stacey has served ministries in Kansas City, Central Missouri, Upstate New York, and Minnesota since discovering Unity in 1976. He cherishes the history of Unity as a reminder of what is still essential in our movement today. He presents Unity as both a wisdom teaching and a loving daily practice. As a member of the Credentialing Team, Reverend Stacey interviews the applicants for ministerial training in the Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute at Unity Village, Missouri.

Currently, Reverend Stacey serves Unity South Twin Cities, Bloomington, Minnesota, located in the Minneapolis metro area. He considers himself to be a devoted Chautauquan since his first visit in 2004. He has returned to Chautauqua fourteen times.

WEEK SEVEN—August 6–13

SUNDAY SERVICE August 7th: What do we say? and How do we say it?
Let’s talk about the skills we need to have difficult conversation with the people in our lives.

WEDNESDAY POSITIVE PATH LECTURE August 10th: Could it be that we are part of the problem?
We will look at how we individually are helping to further the divide in our country.

REV. BETH HEAD, Melbourne, FL
Beth is an ordained Unity Minister, graduating from the Unity School of Religious Studies, Unity Village, MO. On February 28, 2019, she retired as minister of Unity of Melbourne in Melbourne, FL, where she served 20 years. She currently serves the Southeast Region Unity Ministries as Regional Representative and Church Consultant. She hosts a meeting for churches on Wednesday mornings on zoom. She does board training and consults with various churches.

WEEK EIGHT—August 13 to August 20

SUNDAY SERVICE August 14th: Courage to Be
In his Pulitzer Prize winning, “Profiles in Courage,” John F. Kennedy chronicles qualities of steadfastness and integrity we would all do well to emulate. Join Rev. Kurt Condra in an exploration of how committing ourselves to upholding the values we admire most, allows Spirit to move in ways that ensure our life’s deepest purpose is fulfilled.

WEDNESDAY POSITIVE PATH LECTURE August 17th: Your Beingness Profile
Living into the fullness of our divine humanity requires resilience in the face of resistance, and inner fortitude in the face of opposing conditions. Join Rev. Kurt as we explore essential spiritual qualities that support courageous living, and identify which of those qualities will most effectively advance fulfillment of your spiritual purpose.

Rev. Kurt Condra is senior minister at Unity on the North Shore in Evanston, IL. He has presented classes and workshops on spiritual abundance, speaking authentically, and healing relationships. He is also a certified facilitator for the AntiRacism Institute, and has written for Unity Magazine, Daily Word and Unity devotionals for Lent and Advent. He serves on the board of Evanston Pride, which organizes and supports the local LGBTQIA+ community to amplify its voice and educate others. Before ministry, Kurt worked 20 years in the publishing industry, first for the Los Angeles Times and San Francisco Chronicle in their new media divisions, then becoming editor and, later, Managing Editor for Newport Communications, an award-winning trade magazine publisher.

WEEK NINE—August 20 to August 27

SUNDAY SERVICE August 21st: Your infinite Pause-Abilities!
Are you willing to be pleasantly surprised? Imagine… you’d easily welcome holy shifts; feel non-plussed, and non-minused; Stretch and relax into Rumi’s field ~ Walking with the wind. Could the awkwardness of living life be a fun, fertile pray-land for you? Join Rev Diane Scribner, and consider the Pause-Abilities you have to stay on course with Source!

WEDNESDAY POSITIVE PATH LECTURE August 24th: This Golden Key’s For You
Would you like to have a simple “key” for getting out of trouble? If so, we have one for you! In this workshop, you’ll receive a copy of The Golden Key by Emmet Fox ~ a little five-page booklet with one dynamic sentence that will change your life ~ if you use it. Isn’t that what keys are for? Join us to discover how simple it can be to rise when you start to fall; much like the disciple Peter when he followed Jesus and walked on water. This can be thought of as the unconditional key Jesus used as the Christ; and it’s right here for us. We look forward to being with you for this heart-opening experience of seeking first the kingdom, together.

Raised in New Thought, Diane’s been a Unity minister for 25 years. She’s served 13yrs as senior minister with Unity of Roanoke Valley, VA and 4yrs with Unity of Naples FL. In 2010, Diane began Pray Attention Ministries as a Unity alternative ministry, sharing spiritual ideas and down-to-earth practices with individuals and organizations to encourage and engage us all in listening to, and living from, our Spirit within. Diane chairs Suncoast Unity Ministers Inc, has been Co-Emcee for Unity Conventions, serves our Sabbatical Team, Avow Hospice, Naples Therapeutic Riding Center, AHALA Children’s Rights organization in Mexico, and is now delighted to be Keeper of the Flame with Unity Worldwide Ministries’ Board of Trustees. Diane lives in Naples FL with her rescue, Angel.


Last Sunday of our season August 28th: Me and My Shadow – Rev. Barbara Williams
In Unity we affirm that everyone has a spark of divinity within, that our essence is of God. So why is this principle not so obvious as we view our world and sometimes our own reactions? I believe that we discover our divinity when we make friends with our humanity, especially parts of ourselves that we try to hide or deny because it seems socially unacceptable or moreover devastating to our ego. The process of “acceptance” is known as shadow work and I will share a few simple ways we can make friends with our shadow and day-by-day, reveal and live from our divinity.

“The shadow in and of itself is not the problem. The source of our disease and violence is separation from parts of ourselves, from each other, and from God.” Robert A. Johnson (1921–2018) was an American Jungian analyst, author, and lecturer

Rev. Barbara Williams
Rev. Barbara Williams coordinates Unity’s summer program at Chautauqua Institution since 2018. She retired as the senior minister of Unity of Port Richey, Florida in 2016.  She also served as Director of Adult Education and Director of Youth and Family Ministry for First Unity Church in St. Petersburg, Florida. Prior to her ministry career, Barbara spent twenty-one years in the corporate world where she held positions of leadership in the Information Technology department of Duke Power. 

Barbara has presented classes and workshops on Bible history and interpretation, compassionate communication and conflict resolution skills, self-discovery, world religions and parenting skills. Her passion is to support and empower others as they uncover their divine essence.  She lives in Clearwater with her husband Dusty and their rescue puppy Sandra Dee. 

Janine Chimera
Janine is our Unity of CHQ music director. She is a singer-song writer who was born and raised in Jamestown, but lived in Florida for 31 years. She has two married sons.  With a master’s degree in Speech/Language Pathology, Janine worked in Florida school systems specializing in communication for non-verbal students. She provided music for Unity of Melbourne for 15 years, grateful for this community who grew her as a musician. Janine’s passion is for music and matters of spirit and of the heart. Combining these led her to dive into the worlds of therapeutic music, sound vibrational therapy, and group drumming. She also gives music lessons, and has used music to work with students with special needs. Janine plays guitar, piano, hand drums, and Native American flute. She recorded and published 2 CDs. Her greatest desire is for her music to be an instrument for peace and healing.

A favorite quote:  “If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

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