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We are a presence of progressive Christianity at Chautauqua Institution and the surrounding community, promoting spiritual growth through Unity’s guiding principles. 

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You can also join our Sunday services and Wednesday Positive Path for Spiritual Living Lectures  live on Facebook and on Zoom: Meeting ID : 7709803800   Password: unity or  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/7709803800  or later view the recordings on our YouTube channel.


Sunday Service 9:45 – 10:30 a.m. 
Hurlbut United Methodist Church and Zoom & Facebook live
Daily Word Meditation  8:00 – 8:30 a.m. Monday – Friday  
Hurlbut United Methodist Church – lower level
A Positive Path to Spiritual Living  Free Lecture Series  6:30 p.m. Wednesday
Zoom & Facebook live

WEEK ONE — June 26–July 3, 2021

Rev. Dr. Doral R. Pulley, St. Petersburg, FL 
Dr. Doral R. Pulley celebrates over 40 years in ministry. He has traveled throughout the United States and to other countries preaching the Kingdom message, teaching Kingdom principles, leading entities and developing people.  He has also written 5 books and 13 devotional journals. Dr. Pulley holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies and Theology from Morgan State University (1992), a Master of Science degree in Pastoral Counseling from Loyola University (1996), and a Doctorate in Ministry from Graduate Theological Foundation (2010).  He is also a certified Mental Health Professional by the National Board of Professional Counselors (1998). Dr. Pulley is the Presiding Prelate of the Church of the Everlasting Kingdom, Inc. (2003) and the founding president of Alpha Nu Omega Fraternity, Inc (1998). He is the president of the two community organizations: The Gathering of Pastors (2018) and Interfaith Tampa Bay (2019). 

Dr. Pulley is the Establishmentarian and Spiritual Leader of Today’s Church Tampa Bay, one church with two locations in Florida Tampa (2017) and St. Petersburg (2019). Under his leadership, this local assembly continues to experience spiritual, numerical, financial and physical growth. He is the father of twin daughters: Brittney and Courtney, one son, D. Reginald, II and the proud grandfather of Tyler Jade.

SUNDAY SERVICE June 27th 9:45 am:    “The Courage to Walk on By ”   Luke 10:25-37
In the Parable of the Good Samaritan, the priest and the Levite walked by the man on the Jericho Road because they didn’t have what he needed. The Samaritan stopped and helped because he had the oil, the wine and the transportation that was required to help. How do you handle it when you see people in need?

WEDNESDAY POSITIVE PATH LECTURE June 30th 6:30pm:   “Am I Bad Person if I’m not the Good Samaritan?”
Through a deeper look into all the characters of the Parable of the Good Samaritan, this workshop will empower attendees to gain greater clarity about their overall life purpose as well as their daily divine assignments.

WEEK TWO — July 3–10, 2021

Rev. James Stacey,  Bloomington, Minnesota
The Reverend James Stacey has served ministries in Kansas City, Central Missouri, New York, and Minnesota since discovering Unity in 1976.  Serving first as a volunteer, then as an employee of Unity Temple on the Plaza, the first Unity congregation in Kansas City, he was ordained by Unity in 2002.  He cherishes the history of Unity as a reminder of what is still essential in our movement today. He presents Unity as both a wisdom teaching and a loving daily practice. As a member of the Credentialing Team, Reverend Stacey interviews the applicants for ministerial training in the Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute at Unity Village, Missouri.  Currently, Reverend Stacey serves Unity South Twin Cities, Bloomington, Minnesota, located in the Minneapolis metro area.  He considers himself to be a devoted Chautauquan since his first visit in 2004. He has returned to Chautauqua twelve times.

SUNDAY SERVICE July 4th 9:45 am:   “The Future of Unity in Tomorrow’s World”
Someone once suggested that Unity’s most progressive days were more than a century ago.  Unity was a cutting-edge spiritual movement in the early 20th Century. As we look further into the 21st Century, what potentially is Unity’s evolving role in religious and spiritual development?  Are the principles of Unity timeless so that they can be formulated afresh for the future generations?  We may not answer all these questions this summer.  However, it is important for followers of the Unity Movement to have an enthusiastic vision of all that is possible for our spiritual community and what we can contribute to our world.
WEDNESDAY POSITIVE PATH LECTURE July 7th 6:30pm:  “Myrtle Fillmore’s Method of Spiritual Development”
Myrtle Fillmore, co-founder of the global Unity Movement, described her own awakening in three simple steps.  In this class we will imagine for ourselves her method that blends specific personal needs, development of individual consciousness, and the commitment to make the world a better place for all.  Through storytelling, discussion, and meditation, in only an hour, we will chart a course for our individual growth and understand the gifts we each can bring to the greater community.

WEEK THREE — July 10–17, 2021

Rev. Therese Lee, Hilton Head, North Carolina
Rev. Therese Lee is a dynamic leader and consultant in the Unity movement with a passion and commitment to awaken and inspire individuals to embrace their own divinity. She is dedicated to raising consciousness by living an engaged spiritual life through a consciousness of wisdom and compassion. Therese serves as the senior Minister at Unity Spiritual Center Hilton Head, South Carolina. Therese last served here at Unity of Chautauqua in the Summer of 2017. 

As an Ordained Unity minister for nearly 15 years, she is a master in creating transformational retreats, rituals, ceremonies and workshops, using storytelling, laughter, tears and meditation as catalysts for spiritual transformation. Therese is sought after as a captivating, funny, inspiring and authentic speaker, presenter and educator. She holds Certifications as a Deep Change/SQ Coach; Healthy Congregations Facilitator, 4-Whys Facilitator and Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist. Therese serves Unity World Headquarters as a Hostess of the Unity Village Nehemiah Sacred Service Retreats she co-founded with her husband Rev. Dr. Tom Lee.  She has a personal practice of prayer, meditation and compassionate service and she dedicates her working for God in honor of her now Angel-Winged husband Tom and the gift of his three children, eight grandchildren and five granddogs. Her personal mission is to Love Out Loud.

SUNDAY SERVICE July 11h 9:45 am:    “Now What?”
Join us as we unpack how we stay centered in our Truth during these days of change.

WEDNESDAY POSITIVE PATH LECTURE July 14th 6:30 pm:  “Living From 5 Unity Principles”
 Join us as we explore how our 5 Unity Principles provide us a roadmap to living during these times of change.

WEEK FOUR — July 17–24, 2021

Rev. Dr. Suzi Schadle, Sarasota Florida
Rev. Dr. Suzi Schadle, Senior Minister of Unity of Sarasota, has been a minister for 20 years and had over 25 years of corporate leadership and organizational development experience prior to ministry. She is a gifted speaker, teacher, and facilitator. Rev. Suzi founded Center for Spiritual Living Eastside and Pacific Northwest Campus of Holmes Institute near Seattle where she graduated over 20 new ministers. She served as the Chair of Centers for Spiritual Living Leadership Council and was part of the Centers for Spiritual Living leadership team that began collaborative talks with the Unity leadership team at Unity Village in 2008.  One of Rev. Suzi’s passions is music; she plays soprano, alto, and bass silver flutes. Suzi was born in Germany, adopted by an American family and became a U.S. citizen at age six. She loves books, art, music and her two cats, Tuxedo and Shadow.

SUNDAY SERVICE July 18th 9:45 am:   Finding the Common Ground of E Pluribus Unum
Moses, Jesus, Mohamed, Buddha, all Spiritual Masters understood the Universe has to be one undivided integrated whole to exist at all. Our Founding Fathers knew a house divided against itself cannot stand. We are now called to find and stand together on common ground, in an atmosphere of harmony, collaboration and inclusion, in a shared commitment to our various multi-faith traditions, principles, practices, and values.

WEDNESDAY POSITIVE PATH LECTURE July 21st 6:30pm:   “The Evolving Role of Faith Communities in a Divided America”
We will explore how various spiritual institutions and faith communities are being called to evolve from traditional roles in American society into emerging roles in a divided America. We will collaboratively wrestle with questions such as: How might our faith communities help people live in a time where the divisiveness of toxic talk, violence, and politicization of almost everything is the norm? Do our various faith communities have a role to play in society relative to the root causes of this divisiveness? How might faith communities offer possible options for reconciliation? This workshop will include personal sharing, Conversation Café type discussion groups, and interactive experiential activities.

WEEK FIVE — July 24–31, 2021 

Rev. Barbara Williams,  Clearwater, Florida
Rev. Barbara Williams coordinates Unity’s summer program at Chautauqua Institution since 2018. She retired as the senior minister of Unity of Port Richey, Florida in 2016.  She also served as Director of Adult Education and Director of Youth and Family Ministry for First Unity Church in St. Petersburg, Florida. Prior to her ministry career, Barbara spent twenty-one years in the corporate world where she held positions of leadership in the Information Technology department of Duke Power. Barbara has presented classes and workshops on Bible history and interpretation, compassionate communication and conflict resolution skills, self-discovery, world religions and parenting skills. Her passion is to support and empower others as they  uncover their divine essence.  She lives in Clearwater with her husband Dusty and their rescue puppy Sandra Dee. 

SUNDAY  SERVICE July 25th 9:45 am:   “The Double Thread”
The French priest and philosopher, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin once wrote this simple yet profound prayer:  Lay hold on me fully both by the within and the without of myself.  Grant that I may never break this Double Thread. This beautiful prayer speaks to the spiritual depth and power we gain when we can simultaneously embrace both the “being” and “becoming” nature of ourselves and our world. 

WEDNESDAY POSITIVE PATH LECTURE July 28th 6:30 pm:    “Conscious Aging: expanding our perspective on aging”
While it’s natural to have fears of what’s ahead, when we learn to face the inevitability of change and loss without resistance, we discover true peace and freedom in the midst of the challenging and gift-giving nature of aging. It is then that we can create our individual path for living joyously, fearlessly and richly and model that for those who follow. Explore how to move from fear and denial of the inevitable changes and losses as we age, toward embracing a new vision of possibilities and blessings. 

WEEK SIX — July 31–August 7, 2021

Rev. Ron Neff,  Stuart, Florida
Rev. Ron Neff is an ordained Unity minister and resides in Stuart, Florida.  He entered the ministry after serving as an executive with the Boy Scouts of America for 16 years, Executive Secretary of the Rotary Club of Cleveland (Over 600 members, 2nd largest in world at the time) and for 18 years was a commercial real estate broker in that city. He has served as minister of Florida Unity churches in St. Petersburg, Stuart, and Port St. Lucie.  During the summers from 2008 to 2018 he served as Minister of the Unity of Chautauqua summer program.  Rev. Ron continues to do guest speaking in Florida since retiring in 2018.  His wife Amy is a Licensed Unity Teacher and was the Southeast Region Licensed Unity Teacher Representative to Unity Worldwide Ministries for 7 years with close to 200 Licensed Unity Teachers that she represented.

SUNDAY SERVICE August 1st 9:45 am:   “AM I REALLY FREE?”
Our minds are awesome! Our creative powers are unlimited. As the old saying goes… when we rule our minds, we rule the world. Even though these powers are our spiritual birthright, they can be unintentionally or unknowingly misused and lead to grief, stress, and a feeling of helplessness. Rev. Ron will explore how we often misuse our powers, be aware of it, and then set into motion a different path. We all desire a path that is free from worry, anxiety, doubts and fears about the future. Things may happen around you, and things may happen to you, but the only things that really count are the things that happen “in” you.

WEDNESDAY POSITIVE PATH LECTURE August 4th 6:30 pm:   “Building a Culture of Empathy”
This week at Chautauqua Institution the theme is “Building a Culture of Empathy”. In their description of the theme we find… “In recent years, a trait frequently cited as essential to the flourishing of humankind is empathy, an impulse manifested in all the world’s religions.” In Unity’s teachings we find empathy mostly related to Jesus’ teachings as reference to our individual selves becoming “a light of the world”. In John 8:12 Jesus is quoted as saying… “I am the light of the world, whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.” In Aramaic, his language, it is the word “Noohra” that means light, enlightenment, insight, brightness, brilliance and understanding. Their lecture will explore what becoming a “light of the world” means and how it relates to empathy and our individual lives in these modern times.

WEEK SEVEN — August 7–14, 2021

Rev. Elizabeth Thompson
Rev. Elizabeth Thompson serves the Unity Movement exploring the teachings and living the Universal Spiritual principles of life as a dynamic spiritual adventure. She served as Sr. Minister at Unity of Sarasota for ten years and Senior Minister of Unity Renaissance in Chesapeake Va for 8 years. She is also a speaker, workshop facilitator, interim minister, vocal soloist, and lover of all God’s Creation. 

Walking the talk is a daily spiritual practice for her with dedication and a sense of humor. She and her husband Neil now share this adventure both on land and on their sailboat TwoCan.  Cultivating holy relationships with others through compassion and wisdom is her calling. Life for her now centers from the cultivation of kindness, compassion and stewardship of life’s resources.

Elizabeth and husband returned from a five month journey in the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands on TwoCan. They had many dramatic moments without the drama getting in the way. They look forward to another sailing adventure celebrating the beauty of our oceans while keeping a “clean wake”.  They both are passionate in seeking ways to be ambassadors for the health of our oceans, reefs as well as cultivating a sustainable lifestyle for the generations that will follow. 

SUNDAY SERVICE August 8th 9:45 am:  “Dynamic Life in a Drama Free ZONE”  Part one: “Life Beyond the Drama “
The What’s, Whys and Wherefores of how can we be centered in the midst of chaotic interactions all around us.  What does it mean to be in the Space of Grace in the midst of turbulence?  We all can be living ambassadors for the quality of life that uplifts, inspires, and satisfies as we choose to abide in our own Drama Free zone. 

WEDNESDAY POSITIVE PATH LECTURE August 11th 6:30 pm   Part two: “Walking the Talk of Dynamic Life in a Drama Free ZONE” 
In these very turbulent times we can abide in the Infinite Dynamism of Spiritual Life without giving away our creative power. While life is creatively dynamic we can reduce the drama by intentionally creating drama free zones in our lives as we learn to live in partnership with Universal Principles that govern all creation. This is established by putting the four Ps to work on Spiritual partnership with Life and our Sacred Source. These principles establish a powerful foundation for claiming our joy and soul-fulfillment.

WEEK EIGHT — August 14–21, 2021

Rev. Eileen Patra,  Troy, Michigan
Rev. Eileen Patra is an ordained Unity Minister, Licensed Unity Teacher, and Certified Spiritual Educator. She is the author of numerous new thought articles and the recently released novel, The Mystical Ark: A Vessel of Blessings.
In 2014 Rev. Eileen received the Ruth M. Mosley Award for Outstanding Achievement in Ministry while serving as the Senior Minister at Unity of Livonia, Michigan. Rev. Eileen has also served as the Teen Ministry Consultant, for the Great Lakes Region of Unity and as the founding minister of Unity of the Lakes in West Branch, Michigan. She is currently serving as co-minister at the Unity Spiritual Life Center in Troy, Michigan. Rev. Eileen is an inspiring and passionate speaker who brings her love for Unity principles and their power to transform lives to people of all walks of life. Known for her active-learning style workshops, Rev. Eileen has shared the Unity message with adults and youth throughout the Great Lakes Region.
Before her call to ministry, Rev. Eileen earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. She held positions as the Creative Director of an audiovisual production company and as a freelance graphic designer for various communications companies in the Detroit area.

SUNDAY SERVICE August 15th 9:45 am:   “The Power of a Comma”
Scripture, in its original form, had no punctuation. The pauses and emphasis were conveyed by oral tradition, subject to the perceptions and interpretations of those entrusted to deliver the message. This Sunday, we look at how a pause and a simple shift of emphasis in a familiar sacred text changes everything and empowers us to transform our experience of life.

WEDNESDAY POSITIVE PATH LECTURE August 18th 6:30 pm:   “From Walls to Bridges”
Whatever we face in this experience called life, we always have a choice: Will we be blocked by the walls or obstacles we find before us? Or, will we use those seeming walls and impediments to build bridges to our greatness?
Topics Include:

  • Perception: Seeing Beneath, Beyond and Above and the Biology of Change
  • Inspired Action: Tuning in to Divine Inspiration
  • Right Use of Will: Alignment with the Higher Self
  • Willing to Risk: Stepping Into Empowered Living

Participants in this workshop will have an opportunity to explore a personal impediment, tune in to their own inner power and determine the next inspired action to take. They will leave with an inspired goal and the next steps needed to transform whatever has been showing up as a wall into their own bridge for empowered living.

WEEK NINE — August 21 to August 28

Rev.  Dr. Martha Creek, Louisville, Kentucky
Rev. Dr. Martha Creek–Widely known in New Thought, Martha’s trainings approach deep inner work as an adventure with a sense of curiosity and wonder.  She has been a ministry and organizational consultant for twenty years.  Ordained in Religious Science and Divine Science, Martha has served as Great Lakes Unity Consultant, and is a member of Unity Institute faculty. She has attended Emerson Theological Seminary (Masters and Doctorate), Byron Katie School for The Work, and Hoffman Institute. She is a Healthy Congregations Facilitator and Trainer. See more at www.marthacreek.com.

SUNDAY SERVICE August 22 9:45 am:  “Fixed Mindsets vs. Growth Mindsets”
At the heart of what makes our growth mindset so powerful and critical, is that it creates a passion for learning rather than a hunger for approval. It is emotionally and spiritually mature. Its hallmark is the conviction that human qualities, like intelligence and creativity, and even relational capacities like love and friendship, can be cultivated through effort and deliberate practice.  Herein lies the hope for each of us and humanity.

WEDNESDAY POSITIVE PATH LECTURE August 25th 6:30 pm:  “Resilience through Faith, Grit and Courage”
Since the creation of time, humanity has found a way to innovate, create, solve, grow, improve and expand.  All this in the presence of great loss, despair, destruction, adversarial conditions, trauma and oppressions. We together stand on strong shoulders and step up now to take our role and part in fortifying ourself and each other for the auspicious time.   We can.  We do.  We will.  

Last Sunday of our season… AUGUST 29

Rev. Barbara Williams,  Clearwater, Florida
Rev. Barbara Williams coordinates Unity’s summer program at Chautauqua Institution since 2018. She retired as the senior minister of Unity of Port Richey, Florida in 2016.  She also served as Director of Adult Education and Director of Youth and Family Ministry for First Unity Church in St. Petersburg, Florida. Prior to her ministry career, Barbara spent twenty-one years in the corporate world where she held positions of leadership in the Information Technology department of Duke Power. Barbara has presented classes and workshops on Bible history and interpretation, compassionate communication and conflict resolution skills, self-discovery, world religions and parenting skills. Her passion is to support and empower others as they  uncover their divine essence.  She lives in Clearwater with her husband Dusty and their rescue puppy Sandra Dee. 

SUNDAY SERVICE August 22 9:45 am:  “Seeing Being “
Jesus said “to seek first the Kingdom” and all we seek would be given us. So what does it mean to seek the Kingdom of God first? For me it means to become a Seeing Being. To see beyond the appearance of lack, limitation and imperfection to the truth of who we are, each the beloved of God. Does this mean that we ignore suffering and pain? No, we tend to each other in a compassionate way that affirms both our humanity and divinity.

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Auto travel within the grounds is limited. Parking is free on Sunday morning in the lot across the street from the main gate. Entry onto the grounds is complimentary on Sundays, however an entry ticket is required. 

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